Zen Dating for the Empowered Culture

values--once you know your values, life is easy copyIf you’ve taken my webinars, you’ve heard me talk about how important it is to identify your top 5 to 10 values – what you feel is of paramount importance to you. These values form the basis of your relationship requirements and help guide you in terms of where you look for a committed relationship and what you want to experience in one. Your values also give you insight as to knowing when to fold ’em and walk away.

And you probably remember me encouraging you to avoid the buckshot approach to dating that most online dating sites provide – that is, if you value your time. Follow your heart, bring your brain along, and you will find Bliss.

It’s this philosophy that led the Single and Looking in NJ meet up group (here) to create an Enlightened Dating sub-community for those who attend my workshops. And to build on this philosophy, I’ve been asked to serve as a contributor to OmSingles.com, a brand new dating site geared specifically for the Zen Culture – meaning for those of you who are interested in being creative, authentic, self-aware and proactive. You can’t get any more empowered than this!

So check it out, join up and be prepared to meet intelligent people with lots of passion. And check out my contributor profile, while you’re at it: here.

fire heartIn the meantime, get ready for my Empowered Dating & Relationships Boot Camp Level One: Fall in Love with Yourself to Fall in Love with Another. Level One lays the foundations of all successful, empowered relationships: discovering who you are, and what you value, so that you can tap into your Aliveness Quotient and attract partners who are “on your wave length.” You’ll be able to take the guess work out of the attraction game! Details will be posted soon, but in the meantime, consider joining my newsletter for exclusive discounts and offers (here).

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  1. Ellen says:

    Linda, this is awesome. We knew we made a good choice when we asked you to become a contributor for OmSingles.com. It is time for this new “higher” consciousness to prevail in the world of relationship today. Thanks for the post, Ellen

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