Worth Fighting For

A moment ago, I was staring at my Facebook feed, dreaming of Disney World, when an acquaintance posted something that made me feel sad, distressed, alarmed, chagrined and compelled to talk about:

You already are.

You already are.

This statement is a sad reflection on how we’re not taught* to value ourselves…it’s a sad shame that people get up every morning, go to work, shuffle through their lives, and carry around this message. The majority of us (women, at least) buy in to this message, and it sets us up for a lifetime of struggle, desperation, futility, hopelessness and delusion.

(The asterisk refers to:)

What we grew up with we learnedIf there a small sliver of your self that also has bought into this message, I’m here to tell you that it’s a lie.

How can I help you recognize this?

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Self Esteem