Who wants a robust social life?

Who wants a robust social life?

No man is an island that is for sure. I can’t imagine Dale Earnhardt Jr. getting by in a race without his pit crew. Or an Olympic athlete getting by without her coaches. Or anyone with dreams and aspirations ­– maybe someone like you – getting by without friends and mentors. As someone who is an Empowered Single, your support network – meaning your friends, family, work associates etc. – have a profound impact on how happy you are in your life and how well you achieve your dreams and goals. Most single peeps, however, don’t take a moment to cultivate and nurture their support networks at all. Or if they do, they often drop their pit crew like a hot potato when they finally shack up with someone. Big mistake yet way too many people do it.

The good news is that it’s never too late to create a vibrant support network – even at our age (35+). And that’s exactly what I aim to help you with. Coming up: two opportunities to forge friendships with other Empowered Singles and one learning opportunity to understand how to properly build your network and even leverage it. Check it out:

Good friends make a life worth celebrating.

Teleseminar: Boost Your Attractor Factor By Expanding Your Support Network – August 5th: https://build-community.eventbrite.com – This teleseminar, part of my Empowered Dating monthly series, will teach you why loneliness can hurt you, how to break out of isolation, how to assess your current support network, how to meet potential new friends and create a network (especially if you’re an introvert), how to connect authentically with your support network and how to leverage your community to help you find a partner.

Live Event: Create Your Happy Ever After Empowered Singles Circles – August 6th: https://create-your-happy-circle1.eventbrite.com – My new Empowered Singles Circles ­– this one is in Keyport, NJ – will help you Create Your Happy Ever After. These live events are designed to help you create trust and develop close personal relationships, give and receive the support you need to achieve your dreams, release sabotaging beliefs in a sacred, safe space, discover and practice the principles of empowered living and transform old, destructive patterns of the past.

Live Event: Create Your Happy Ever After Empowered Singles Circles -August 20th:https://create-your-happy2.eventbrite.com – For those who can’t make it on August 6th, I’ve scheduled a second circle to be held in Manasquan, NJ. Again, these circles are all about creating a wave of positive energy to help you move to your highest level of joy and success in all areas of your life so that you can become Successfully Single and love your life. These powerful Empowered Singles Circles were created to give you the training and support necessary to move your life to new levels of success in all areas. Working on yourself and loving your life, as an Empowered Single, requires discipline and a support system. We must remain consistent and focused to experience long-term changes in life. Receive the support and positive energy to help you right here.

I hope you can join me for these upcoming events!

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