What are your top 6 requirements in a relationship?

They might not be what you think.

Couple in fieldMany relationships fail because, despite the initial intense chemistry and attraction, the couple is just not compatible. As they get to know each other more intimately, they realize they have different values, life goals, and relationship criteria. For partners to be compatible, they MUST BOTH have similar values and goals and have their relationship criteria met.

I know that for me, identifying my relationship requirements was probably the most revolutionary thing I ever experienced as a single looking for an extraordinary relationship. Before I was able to articulate the top 6 things that I must without fail experience in a relationship, I was running around in circles, trying to find a guy who matched this long list of attributes that I had written down. He had to have the right kind of job, the precise taste in clothes, be of a certain height, etc. etc. The list had nearly 100 things on it. Boy was I headed in a frustrating direction. Now that I know what I must experience, feel and encounter in a relationship, I’m not so stymied by guesswork. Now that I know the difference between my needs and my wants, I can spring myself from the Dating Traps that I notoriously and repeatedly fell into.

Ironically, most singles approach their dating choices like I used to: by the seat of the pants. Most think that an extraordinary relationship will just simply happen – which really means that they approach their lives and relationships, day to day, on automatic pilot, not being the Architect of their experiences and their outcomes. They don’t realize that they’re navigating the Sea of Love without a rudder. It’s no wonder the divorce rate is so out of control.

I encourage you to not be one of them. Now is your chance to eliminate this haphazard approach to guarantee your choices are smarter and in alignment with who you really are.

This 90-minute webinar will help you identify your values, needs, wants and your absolute must-have requirements and will expand upon the work you did in my previous webinar, Learn To Love Yourself so You Can Love Another.

DATE: Tuesday, November 19, 2013
TIME: 7 – 8:30pm ET
WHERE: Webinar access instructions will be emailed to you three hours prior to the start of the webinar.
TO REGISTER:  https://www.eventbrite.com/event/8734544257

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