The (Wo)Man With the Inexplicable Life

… honoring my inner Mojud

Are you crazy to follow your dreams?

I was talking with a woman this weekend about my path toward being a coach, how I left my well-paying job as a photo rep to figure out how to express myself ~ my true authentic self ~ in the world. And how, at the moment of my resignation, I did not have a clear vision of where I was going, except that the universe kept giving me signs, almost continually, that it was time to take a new road. (To be sure, I was given the realization that it was time to venture a new path about 4 years prior to actually taking the leap. I spent those 4 years in preparation.)

I could see in her eyes the doubt of my wisdom, I could almost hear her thoughts as she struggled to figure out if I was mad or brave. And then suddenly I felt this wave of insecurity wash over me, as I absorbed her doubt. Was I crazy? Am I being fanciful? I felt crushed.

… the invisibile world is at all times, at various places, interpenetrating ordinary reality.

As I was brushing my teeth this morning (one of my favorite ways to tap into “other knowing”), I remembered one of my favorite Sufi parables, “The Man with the Inexplicable Life” that is featured in “Tales of the Dervishes” by Indries Shah. The story focuses on a man, by the name of Mojud, who followed his inner knowing, much to the consternation of the people surrounding him. Shah goes on to interpret this story as such: … the invisibile world is at all times, at various places, interpenetrating ordinary reality. Things he says which we take to be inexplicable are in fact due to this intervention. Furthermore, people do not recognize the participation of this ‘world’ in our own, because they believe that they know the real cause of events. It is only when they can hold in their minds the possibility of another dimension sometimes impinging upon the ordinary experiences that this dimension can become available to them.

And so today and every day I will pay homage to my own version of Mojud and remember that the seemingly inexplicable cannot be seen or understood by ordinary eyes. And I invite you to step out of the box of your constraints. How will you honor your inner Mojud?

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