The Invisible Link between International Women’s Day, Prosperity and Business Success

Today is International Women’s Day (a nice shout out to all my sisters around the globe!) and while I was researching and mulling over some programming designed for women and prosperity, I ran across an editorial in Inc. magazine online entitled: Women: Watch Out for Your No. 1 Enemy (written by Carrie Kerpen). The article stated that the No. 1 enemy of women in business isn’t male-dominated C-Suite or work-life balance struggles…but is in truth the judgment from other women. And rest assured, it’s not just women criticizing women who are at the top of their careers; we criticize women who stay at home, too.

“There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.” ― Madeleine Albright

The author went on to recommend that we all should do what works for each one of us, and support women who do what works for them. “Our collective confidence will help us succeed better in business, as parents, and as women overall.” Amen, sister.

I love the thought of more of us moving toward a more judge-free way of being. I recently had an experience where a female friend vociferously and negatively judged a decision I made in reference to my career and I carried around the hurt from that judgment for a long time. It felt like a betrayal and it took months before I even wanted to “like” a post of hers on Facebook, let alone speak to her again.

But what struck me, after I read the article, and then turned back to further contemplate women and prosperity programming, is that judgment (being the judger) impacts us on a more intrinsic, fundamental level. Judgment blocks our ability to move forward in our lives. Sounds like a stretch? Well get ready for a 10-second intro to the Law of Attraction:

Avoid judging others and soon you’ll be able to comfortably afford a vacation in Italy.

Avoid judging others and soon you’ll be able to comfortably afford a vacation in Italy.

I’m sure you know that we (as energetic beings) attract results according to the complexion of our energy. Judgment and criticism bring our energetic levels down quite low (I don’t know of anyone who feels perky after being criticized); when we judge others, we bring that energy right back to ourselves. And that affects our ability to invite in all the good things in life, like love and money, because these are all exchanges of energy.

So for me, as I sat with these seemingly disparate instances (International Women’s Day, the article in Inc. online and the development of my own coaching programming for women and prosperity), I realized that they appear to have some sort of common moral thread:  A Key To Becoming A Successful Woman (in whatever endeavor) is to Refrain from Judging.

It might seem a little far-fetched and cheekily illogical … but my guess is that if you follow this advice, your checking account will thank you for it later, and soon you’ll be enjoying some fine wine while vacationing in Italy. See you in Rome!

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