The Importance of Visioning the Future

And two exercises to help you

I’ve written about this before – how Envisioning the Future is vital to goal achievement since the first step of any process or journey is to figure out where you want to go. When we allow ourselves to leap into the future and picture our ideal world, we help formulate goals and strategies to help us get where we want to go. Envisioning the future activates our innate, inner GPS system.

Most people do not have a clear vision of their future, and, believe it or not, that is one of the biggest sources of stress, anxiety and ultimately illness in their lives. If you remember from a previous post, I had asked participants in a workshop to picture their ideal future – and most of them were not only unable to answer the question, but a few actually balked at the exercise.

It’s often said:  You can’t hit a target you can’t see … so how can you achieve a goal if you can’t see the goal?

This topic came up again because I am getting ready to host a webinar on Dating Requirements, which are based on our values and vision of the future. And as I was doing a bit more research into the topic, to find further evidence of its importance to goal attainment, I came across two exercises, which underscore how our vision affects us. I invite you to participate in them now.

Both exercises are easy visualizations where you imagine yourself driving in two different environments.

So, after you read this sentence, close your eyes for just 10 seconds, and as strongly as you can, imagine that you are driving down an unfamiliar dark and foggy road, you’ve taken a wrong turn somewhere and you are lost, you can’t see well, you don’t know what is up ahead and you don’t know if you will ever find your way…

Go ahead now and close your eyes for just 10 seconds, and notice how you feel as you visualize yourself lost on this dark road.

After you open your eyes, recall how your body felt while you were lost on that dark road. Did you feel a knot in your stomach? A tightness in your chest and shoulders? Were you holding your breath? Did you just take a breath as you thought about your breathing?

Green Valley (c) 2008 David Hockney

Green Valley (c) 2008 David Hockney

Now, again for just 10 seconds, close your eyes and imagine you are driving on a wide open road through a beautiful valley or through green, rolling fields, on a warm, sunny day and imagine that you know you are going someplace that’s fun and exciting.

Go ahead now and close your eyes for just 10 seconds, and notice how you feel as you visualize yourself on this beautiful journey.

Now notice how you felt… did you feel your body begin to relax even while you were reading that sentence, before you even did the exercise? Did you take a deeper breath? And then as you were driving on that beautiful road did you feel ease, or relaxation, a sense of spaciousness and safety? A feeling of hope? What did you notice about your shoulders? What other sensations did you feel? Did you notice that you felt happier and more enthusiastic?


Anxiety and dis-ease and hope and excitement are all felt in the present, but they are primarily a result of our relationships with our future. The biggest source of stress in our lives is our unhealthy, undefined, foggy, scary relationship with our future.

  1. Imagining and connecting with a bright inspiring future is the source of enthusiasm
  2.  Having an exciting and inspiring future literally gives us a reason to live. Recent studies have shown that people who are excited about their future, live longer and are Healthy and Happy!
  3. Envisioning the Future is fundamental to goal attainment since  having real hope for the future literally creates motivation and provides the blueprint for how to live a healthy and happy life.


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