Testimonials and Praise

  • Linda, you are amazing. I peeled off layers with you in 12 weeks that I did not do in 18 years of therapy. I am so grateful for your help and insight. You really know how to make someone really see inside. Among other things, I learned that I am worthy in receiving all that I deserve and to not constantly question myself, my actions and what I truly want to bring into my life. Through the coaching series, I surprised myself by realizing how many old patterns I repeat. You have a way of opening doors by allowing the person to see that they are there without command and judgment. You truly want to help people to reach for a healthy and happy life. I owe you a cake!

    Catarina S.
  • I just took the Blueprint for Dating Success Webinar, and let me tell you – it is not only transforming in terms of dating, but in your attitude and success in life in general. I expected the same old “love yourself first, then someone else will too” advice with no concrete ideas, but instead there were concepts, tools and exercises to lead participants not only on the path to dating well, but to being a happier, more positive person. Can’t recommend it enough- this should be on Oprah!

    Linda K.
  • As I was reading and pondering, it actually felt like I had grown, almost in a tangible way. This path has been a progressive one and has absolutely led me into a journey of realizations and more importantly, of actions. I felt proud and at the same time, I was impressed. I had forgotten certain details and revisiting them had me often thinking that I was truly in awe of my revelations. I’m feeling good. Thanks for everything.

    Helene H.
  • Linda is the thinking person’s guide to spiritual practice. Intelligent, grounded, and intuitive, Linda has a remarkable ability to help people articulate the necessary questions to find the truer answers hidden behind turmoil and uncertainty, and so help them shake off the forces holding them back and discover their inner strength and wisdom. She leads groups–often encompassing complex personalities and disparate demands–with both wise firmness and an unfailingly generous heart. There is no dogma or formula with Linda, but a wise and compassionate approach well suited to anyone regardless of his or her spiritual or intellectual proclivities. I have attended workshops, circles and coaching sessions with Linda numerous times over the past thirteen years, and always emerged feeling stronger, wiser, and ever grateful, as have countless others. She helped me find a fearlessness at a time when I felt most besieged, a fearlessness that stays with me every day. She is a remarkable community leader, personal guide, and healer.

    Jeannine D.
  • Linda is highly intuitive, allowing her to work with individuals to delve past the obvious, most rational answers to get to the more emotional, and many times the real root for past behavior. She is incredibly warm, creating a safe environment to explore the reasons or situations that may be keeping you from your goal. I have also seen her able to bring consensus in groups with very different (and at times volatile) personalities. She is able to help groups identify a way forward that meets individual and collective needs. I have personally known her to counsel several women (including myself), through complicated personal and career decisions, as well as through trying health periods. Her style is very helpful in asking the right questions so that you actively discover the right answer. I would highly recommend Linda to anyone seeking guidance to reach their goals.

    Danielle A.
  • Over the past decade, I have participated in dozens of events organized and designed by Linda; I’ve been a student in many of her special teaching programs; and I’ve availed myself of her skill and expertise as a life coach and mentor. A few years ago, I experienced a series of severe, stress-related health issues. I was very uncomfortable with my doctor’s determination to treat the symptoms with a prescription drug, and I turned to Linda. Together, we focused on the underlying issue and greatly improved both my physical and spiritual health. Linda is a lot of fun to be around – spiritual and creative, yet highly organized and focused. She manages to be serious without taking herself too seriously. Similarly, the events and rituals she creates are profound yet accessible. She is adept at crafting a deep, thoughtful, reflective experience that is also joyful and light-hearted.

    Barbara C.
  • I really didn’t know much about Reiki before I did a session with Linda. After my session, not only did I know a lot more about energy and healing, but I was a believer. The session was amazing! I felt as if I could actually feel the energy moving through my body. Linda makes you feel immediately relaxed and comfortable. Afterwards I felt a lot lighter and slept incredibly well. The next day the tension I usually carried in my neck didn’t seem to be there anymore. Will definitely be back for more sessions!

    Aurora A.
  • I tend to carry a lot of tension in my neck and back. It causes tremendous pain, and I have tried everything from cortisone shots to alternative medicine. Right after the treatment, I didn’t feel any of the pain I usually have, and when I woke up the next morning I was surprised to see I still felt great! Thank you Linda!

    May A.
  • Reiki is a great supplement to anyone practicing an alternative lifestyle. Life in the city can be extremely arduous, so one can only imagine the accumulative amount of negative energy that builds up within you. Having Reiki performed by Linda has helped remove positive energy hindrances and allowed me to get flowing properly. I was twitching and fluttering like a marionette as she was drawing the toxic buildup out. I truly feel I was healed from the inside out. A lot of people neglect to take care of their energy because you cannot physically see it. You have to tend to it like you would your actual body. I highly recommend Linda to help you maintain the health of your energy.

    Stephanie A.
  • I have worked with Reiki in the past and had what I would call calming effects. Oliver, my 6-year-old Persian cat, dislocated his femur in a 13-story fall and was dragging his back right leg. After one session with Linda, he was sweeter and more trusting, but better yet, he stopped limping inside of a week! No one can believe the change in his stride. and I didn’t even realize my bursitis was gone until the next day. Linda is tuned up for healing!

    Karin B.
  • I have to thank you for the Reiki session :) From the moment you left that day after doing the Reiki, my cat began eating soft canned cat food (something she has refused to eat her whole life!!!). I gave her a can that night and she gobbled it up, and has continued to gobble it up ever since! Soft canned food is actually better for cats, but she has always refused to eat it. Now she loves it and is begging for her food all the time! She has put on weight, her coat looks great, and she has returned to her normal self :) She barely even touches her hard food and has no issues at all when she eats now! thank you for doing a wonderful job!

    Eliza D.
  • Cookie had a treatment with Linda as well. The before and after behavior was really remarkable. Cookie is known for having a mind of her own and doing what she pleases at all hours. The cat after the reiki was very different- calm and at peace. There was no running around wreaking havoc on the apartment. I think Cookie definitely needs a package of treatments as well!

    Cookie A. (written by her mamma)