Why Can’t You Be Nicer?

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It’s time for …  Ask the Coach.

Oh, thank you – you’re too kind – please, no applause, just throw money.

I received an email the other day that essentially asked: “Why can’t women be more approachable? And can you create programs that teach them how to be?” I then Continue reading

Look Where You’re Going…

Dreams Goals Success

Wisdom from the Horse Show Ring

A large part of my role as a coach is to help you connect to the energy of your dreams and aspirations. To help you notice what you experience physically and emotionally when that vision is alive and in the “now”, so that when self-doubt kicks in, you have a visceral understanding of what your dream feels like in the real world. (Getting your vision out of the clouds.) Continue reading

Creating Resolutions You Can Actually Achieve

Goals Resolutions Success

Welcome to a new year, a new beginning,New Year resolutions a time when most of us decide that this year, we’re going to do things differently, that we’re going to achieve some long-held goal that we’ve never been able to achieve prior to this. But this year, it’s going to be different. We’re going to be different.

This collective enthusiasm for change is contagious – and can fuel us – so let’s first congratulate ourselves for Continue reading