Empowered Dating: Know Thyself – A Visual Reference

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In my webinar, 5 Essential Principles for Blissful Dating Success, I talk a lot about how important it is to spend the time upfront, before launching into any dating strategies, in getting to who you are and what you enjoy in life. Knowing yourself and liking yourself are directly related to success in relationships. You cannot truly love and accept another if you cannot love and accept yourself. The following reinforces Continue reading

Empowered Dating Step #2 – Know (and like) Thyself

Empowered Dating Step #2 – Know (and like) Thyself

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Or, how to make much, much better choices and decisions that increase your odds for success

I’ve mentioned this before: if you want to enjoy the dating process and not suffer through it, a foundational ground rule is to know your requirements.

Your requirements are what you want to experience in a relationship – not so much about the attributes your date “must have.” Developing a list of attributes or qualities that you must see in another person is fruitless and Continue reading