Time to co-create: Your feedback needed

Time to co-create: Your feedback needed


Let’s Co-Create the Extraordinary

I have a question for you and would really, really, really appreciate your thoughts and feedbackĀ since you’re a group who want to create more for yourselves in your lives and move to a higher level of joy and fulfillment.
feedback couple on computersI was recently approached by an online learning social network to develop an online class in my area of expertise. (As an FYI, as a life coach, I host programs and events to help single people over the age of 35 create a life they love by getting clear vision and direction, strategizing actions, upgrading skills, optimizing their environment, and mastering their psychology.)
If you were to take an online class in this arena, what specifically would you want to achieve? Or put another way, what is most important to you right now that you would love to achieve – goals, dreams, aspirations? Is it learning how to date & relate better? Creating a better support community & friendships? Doing well in your career? Earning more money? Becoming more confident, self-actualized and realize your full potential? Getting rid of sabotaging, limiting beliefs, attitudes and behaviors? All of the above? What would entice you to enroll? šŸ™‚
Comment below or feel free to email me at: Ā linda @ aurorsana.com …

While we’re at it…more feedback needed

I also developed a quick survey for those of you who live in New Jersey and would like to create a stronger support network. One of my goals is to create a community in real time, in real life (not virtual), where we can come together repeatedly, rely on each other, give support while receiving support. If you have 5 minutes to spare, I sure would love your opinions on that as well. Here is the link to the survey: Ā HEREĀ 
If you could share your thoughts, I’d be very grateful!