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Empowered Living, Dating & Relating Teleseminar Power Pack!


Enjoy six of my most popular Empowered Singles teleseminars in 1 bundled power pack! Learn to love your life, attract the love of your life

Product Description

Save money by buying this bundle of six of my most popular Empowered Singles teleseminars! Featuring downloadable MP3s that you can listen to on-the-go to help you create a life you love and find the love of your life. Power Pack includes:

  1. 10 Steps for Finding Your Ideal Partnership – If you’ve had enough of being confused, going down blind alleys, barking up the wrong trees – this webinar is for you. In this program you will discover 10 steps for finding your life partner; the “Triangle Test” to determine if you’re ready for true love; how to magnetize and attract your perfect partner; where to find compatible partners and much more!
  2. Are You Making these Dating Mistakes? – Avoid these all-too-common dating traps to guarantee finding the love of your life.
  3. Guarantee Happiness: Be the Chooser – Success in any area of our lives depends upon being proactive – knowing how and when to go after what we want in life.
  4. How to Live a Life You Love: Pursue Your Life Vision – Being single is an opportunity for you to know who you are through the process of self-discovery. Take the time to identify your vision of your ideal life; recognize where you are now vs. where you want to be; clarify your vision of a life that you love; shift perspectives and make a commitment to take inspired action.
  5. Tame Your Inner Critic – Recognizing critical self-talk is important because the words we feed ourselves turn into how we feel and what we believe. Without realizing it, we operate according to a reality consistent with our beliefs. Instead of being a slave to negative self-talk, we can tame this inner gremlin – we can develop an inner support network that fosters self-compassion and resilience.
  6. Where to Find Your Soul Mate: Empowered Dating Strategies for the Empowered Single – Tried all of the generics singles events and dating web sites and are dismayed by your experiences? In this teleseminar, you’ll explore five key philosophies that will help you find your soul-mate; learn about the four levels of attraction-venues, the chances of success at each one, and why you need to show up at all four to maximize your chances of meeting your soul-mate; and identify specific social and dating skills that you need for each level of attraction-venue.



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