Increase Your Attractor Factor through Emotional Intimacy


Emotional intimacy is the #1 contributor to happy relationships yet most people have no idea what that even means.

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Despite the use of social media to maintain connections with other people, many people today are greatly dissatisfied with the quality of their relationships. The truth behind relationship dissatisfaction is that people have never learned how to reliably sustain emotional intimacy.

Today we live in isolation, where we no longer live as part of a large family or community through which we develop a sense of comfort and safety. We no longer have a network of people to confide in, to feel at home with. Our culture today meets many other needs, especially the need for autonomy, but not for intimacy.

Intimacy is about being emotionally close to your loved ones, about being able to let your guard down, to trust and to care and vice versa. When we develop intimate friendships, we give ourselves opportunities for nurturance, reassurance of our worth and help during times of stress. Without creating emotional intimacy with all of our loved ones, a romantic relationship will surely wither and die.

In this teleseminar, you will:

  • Determine your current comfort level with emotional intimacy
  • Learn what causes fear of intimacy and vulnerability
  • Learn how to increase emotional intimacy
  • Understand gender differences in expressing intimacy
  • Explore the “sex as intimacy” trap
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