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Finding Love After 50


Finding love after 50 isn’t a hopeless cause, if you’re smart about it. Here’s how you can make the process easier and more enjoyable. Scroll down for more information and to order your download, including slides.

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By the age of 50, most people expect that they should finally be starting to kick back a bit and enjoy the fruits of their labors, ideally with someone they plan to grow old and grey.

But whether divorce or widowhood has thrown a wrench in that expectation, or you’ve just never found your special someone, many 50-somethings find themselves single—and often a little worried about it.

While it’s easy to feel like a fish out of water when you’re surrounded by blissful couples, don’t worry—this special teleseminar will show you the truth about dating after 50 (it’s not what you think!) and how to ensure you attract the love of your life.

In this teleseminar:

  • You will discover the truth about dating after 50 including:  significant statistics about the singles lifestyle that are more than likely affecting you, the types of single men and women over 50, the types of daters and non-daters over 50.
  • We will also cover the benefits of dating when over 50 so you can start feeling better about your situation avoid the “glass half empty” view point, which only reinforces our misery and enables us to attract crappy situations.
  • You’ll understand the top three dating traps facing single professionals over 50 so you can learn how to avoid them.
  • We’ll also go over the Top 10 Tips for finding a partner.


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