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Are you making these dating mistakes?


Avoid these all-too-common dating traps to guarantee finding the love of your life.

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Avoid These Common Dating Mistakes

Frustrated because no matter how often you socialize to find a date, you just can’t find someone you’re attracted to? Or perhaps you’ve gone out on a date, or maybe even a second and third date, and then things always fall flat? Do you find yourself making the same dating mistakes over and over again?

If so, you may be falling into all-too-common dating traps.

This latest Empowered Living & Dating teleseminar will help you avoid ruining your chances of co-creating a happy long-term partnership.

In this teleseminar, you’ll:

  • Uncover any subconscious attitudes or beliefs that impact your ability to find a partner 
  • Explore the 3 stages of love
  • Discover why so many relationships fail
  • Learn about the Top 10 Dating Traps & how to avoid them
  • Uncover 5 practical strategies to stimulate more interest from potential partners and a lot more!

In the End…

It’s Not About Learning
It’s About Unlocking Your Potential and
Stepping into Your Power

This recorded teleseminar was part of my ongoing, monthly Empowered Dating Strategies series for Empowered Singles.

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