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5 Essential Principles for Living & Dating Bliss


Use these principles as the foundation of everything you do in your life.

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Are you nurturing that vision of a great life and amazing relationship? Do you often wind up frustrated, confused and resentful after a few forays into the dating scene?

This teleseminar is for you if you have a powerful need and desire for a flourishing life and an extraordinary life partnership, if you dream of having that special someone in your life, but find yourself groping around in the dark, using trial and error strategies to try to make your dating life and relationships work. 

You are not alone. We all want to be happy. We’re just not sure how. That’s why it’s important for us to remember and honor:

5 Essential Principles For Living & Dating Bliss

In this powerful session you will leave with:
• The foundations to a dating strategy that increases your ability to attract the right relationship for you.
• A new awareness of what is causing many of the challenges in your dating life right now (they may not be what you think!)
• A renewed sense of energy about turning your dating life around.
• A “next-step” action plan for moving your dating life into the next phase of love, connection, and passion.

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