My Life Purpose and Dating

How the exploration of my mission will help your relationship experiences

In my last post, I talked about our life purposes and how powerful we are when we are living in alignment with them. Here I thought I would talk about my own life purpose and how it directly influences my approach to creating programming that supports and improves your dating experiences (and soon, your financial serenity).

I guess I should warn you, though, that this post is fairly philosophical and/or spiritual (use whatever label you’d like); if you are a practical personality, think of it this way: this post will serve as an example of the thought process behind “life purpose” which inspires and shapes what programs I offer to my market segment.

This post also has a lot to do with the “feminine” principle; if you’re a guy (or a woman with a more “masculine” approach to life), think of it this way: this post will give you more insight into what you think is so mysterious.

So what is my life purpose?
As I mentioned in my last post, life purpose answers questions such as “What do I want in life?” … or “What is the greater purpose of my life?” For me, in a nutshell, my life purpose is the “Why” my email signature reads:

Prosperity Coaching to Help Women:
• Attract Healthy Relationships
• Thrive in Their Careers
• Achieve Financial Serenity

On a deeper level, my life’s work for the past 15 years has centered on the celebration, the reclaiming, and (in truth) the promulgation, of the Divine Feminine – the inner expression of sacred femininity as well as the outer expression. (Sacred = worthy of, or regarded with, veneration and respect, in case you were wondering what I meant.)

By Inner Expression, I mean the extent to which we allow ourselves to express and experience nurturing, receptivity, passion and emotions, love, compassion, connection, community and teamwork, communication and feedback, intuition, empathy and creativity.

By Outer Expression, I mean the Divine Feminine as embodied by Mother Earth and demonstrated through the traditions and practices of goddess-oriented cultures, and spiritual paths. This is the reason why I have championed my spiritual non-profit, offer “earth” related programs and feature my “power tools”, all of which seems, to the more sluggish mind, unconnected to my rather specific prosperity and dating coaching programs.

I know this concept may seem esoteric and “woo-woo” but the honoring of the Divine Feminine is “Girl Power” x 10; it also has very specific, practical implications, as I explain below.

Your Life Purpose should be grand enough to be quoted by famous philosophers and scholars.

I say “Shoot for the Stars!” Your Life Purpose should be grand enough to be quoted by famous philosophers and scholars.

Why is this important to what I do as a coach?
Working with the Divine Feminine has a lot to do with balancing out our culture’s proclivity toward the masculine. Not to say that the “masculine” (or masculine attributes) is wrong – far from it – it’s just that over time, the Divine Feminine began to be usurped by the masculine, culminating in the near total exclusion of the feminine in the collective unconscious. Today, our society mostly honors masculine traits (being proactive, assertive, focused, willful; structure, aggression and initiative; action and movement; profit and self-interest; analysis and logic).

In some cultural (and religious) instances, the “feminine” has not only been repressed but regarded as weak or threatening and in need of subjugation. And by being repressed or oppressed (and even repressing themselves), women have struggled with poor self-concepts for thousands of years, a struggle that continues today.

In addition, as a coach, I see the over-reliance on the masculine approach to manifest in interesting ways. When I ask people how they feel about a particular event, many have no idea what I’m talking about. I’ve had to supply a chart of common emotions to clients, so they can learn to identify what they feel. Most people have not been taught how to explore their emotions as a source of insight into a challenge, obstacle or problem.

Trust me when I say that my work is not about women taking over control from men. It’s not about replacing a patriarchal hierarchy with a matriarchal one. It’s about allowing women (dare I add “and men”) to unlock and contribute their sacred femininity to the greater whole; therefore, who they are “being” and what they are “doing” (see: Crossroads of Doing and Being) are congruent and thus their Outer and Inner Games* are balanced.

Put another way, the celebration of the Divine Feminine allows women to step into their “sacredness”, reclaim their right to power and achieve success in the world (whether financial security, career satisfaction or relationship serenity).

In conclusion… 🙂
Ok so you can see how I’ve approached my life purpose and applied it to what I do in the world. My life purpose adds another level of richness to what I offer – it fuels me, powers me up and gives me drive and intention. When I feel overwhelmed or start thinking that I will never be able to accomplish my goals, I remember the big “Why” behind doing what I do. I remember my mission. As a result of putting my life purpose into action, I offer a pathway for women to tap into their own power. A full circle turning into a sparkly spiral.

So, what’s your life purpose? What’s your big “Why”? What’s the philosophy behind your purpose? What breathes life into what you do? … And how do you allow your life purpose to fuel your dating strategies?

* When we look at the Law of Correspondence, we know that internal struggles with poor self-esteem and self-confidence profoundly impact our outer results.

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