Look Where You’re Going…

Wisdom from the Horse Show Ring

A large part of my role as a coach is to help you connect to the energy of your dreams and aspirations. To help you notice what you experience physically and emotionally when that vision is alive and in the “now”, so that when self-doubt kicks in, you have a visceral understanding of what your dream feels like in the real world. (Getting your vision out of the clouds.)

So often, though, when I ask clients to check in with themselves at that moment, I hear a litany of NOs and I can’ts. “This is unrealistic.” Once again, we hobble ourselves right out of the starting gate.

When connecting with your vision, your grand plan for your life, where is your “vision”? Where are your metaphorical eyes trained? Are you looking down, or are you looking forward?

George Morris - one of the most influential riders and trainers in the equestrian sport - a champion of "keeping your eyes up".

George Morris – one of the most influential riders and trainers in the equestrian sport of show jumping – a champion of “keeping your eyes up”.

Approaching your vision, while being mindful of your “vision”, reminds me of a very basic rule my equestrian trainer used to say when I was competing my first mare in the Jumper circuit:

Look where you’re going.

While navigating a riding ring full of fences, as my horse and I approached one obstacle, I had to keep looking toward where we were going next. By looking forward, it kept the momentum of my horse also moving forward. If I looked down at the obstacle itself, it broke the forward movement; it signaled a lack of trust in what we were doing, where we were going.

And if I experienced this doubt, why would my horse trust the process of jumping over that hurdle? Looking down was always an invitation for “refusals” (where the horse stops short of the fence and refuses to jump it).

Fortunately life does not entirely mimic a Jumper show, where you are “eliminated” after three refusals … but these real-life refusals do carry energetic weight that slows us down.

I invite you now to sit with your dream, vision, aspirations, goals. Tell me, where are your eyes?

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