Ladies, it is time to call out the power


What would Wonder Woman post on Facebook?

As I scan all of the status posts on my Facebook page, I see so many women posting articles about men. Here’s a sampling of what I’ve seen over the weekend:  Seven types of men who will never marry. Nine types of women that men do not want to marry. Why women fall for bad boys. 10 ways to know you’re dating a real man. Creativity, madness and drugs. Does your dog love you back? Oh wait – sorry –  those two are my own. … Let’s move back to the topic, shall we?

Ladies, out of curiosity: what is up with that? I have to say, it’s no wonder guys make like a tree and leave when there is constant scrutiny and preoccupation of whom they are and what they do.

What’s driving this need to figure it all out? If I were to hazard a guess, based on what my clients say and experience, I would say that they ultimately lack trust in themselves. They don’t truly feel that – on their own – they have the power to attract. Now blend that with a lack of awareness of what they need and value most in life (and in their relationships), and sprinkle it with a lack of honoring those top needs and values.

That’s the magic formula for desperation and scarcity thinking, which leads women to obsess over who tips on how to get a guy’s attention – or how to become the woman that men are prone to marry. Reverse it, however, and you’ve got the secret to an extraordinary life – when you are in full force, you won’t give a rat’s ass about falling for bad boys or if you’re the kind of woman a man will or will not marry. You will be radiant!! You will magnetize everything you ever want in life simply by being a sheer force of Nature.

Take a stand for your desired outcomes

people who've come aliveHow can you live an extraordinary life? Start by asking yourself, “Am I happy living the life I want, while I’m single?” The Law of Attraction assures that “misery loves company.” This means that if you apply emotional energy to anything, you draw it to you. If you are unhappy about your life, you’re going to attract more unhappiness. Similarly, the Law of Attraction states that success breeds success. You must be a happy and successful (flourishing in whatever way is important to you) to attract more of the same. By living the life you want, you attract the opportunities, people, and resources that align with where you want to go. It’s also so important to live life fully in the present.

Some questions for you:
Are you content with the way your life is right now? Or do you feel that your life needs to change for you to be happy?  How do you devote time and energy to yourself every day? What are you doing to grow, learn, and build the life you want? How are you living your life vision and your life purpose?

One question people often ask me is, “How do I find the time to invest in myself? I’m working full time, trying to exercise regularly at the gym, take care of my family, grocery shop, cook, and try to get enough sleep at night. How can I possibly focus on growing or building my life? Or meeting with a coach once a week?”

Well, you will find the time when you make the time. We all lead busy lives, full of e-mail and phone calls, family responsibilities, and work demands. I recently read a statement by Jeff Herring, a nationally syndicated columnist, asserting that more important than “time management” is “action management.” And maybe stop reading so many articles on what kinds of women men are more likely to marry.

Here then, is your homework:

What will help you remember your personal power?
What are some ways you can step more fully into your own power?
What are you going to do about it right now?

P.S. – November 25:  Happy International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women !!!! HONOR YOURSELF TODAY!

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