How to Live a Life You Love

How to Live a Life You Love

… What I’m talking about isn’t just some feel-good mumbo jumbo

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. —Eleanor Roosevelt

The next topic in my Empowered Dating monthly teleseminar series will focus on Living a Life You Love, during which we’ll use one of my favorite coaching exercises, envisioning the future, to help you get clarity on your ideal life.

Create the highest life visionYou’ll find this topic to be deeply meaningful to you because you’ll learn why being clear about your life vision is really the key to your future happiness, why most people haven’t explored their life vision and the unfortunate consequences of that, how to identify the limiting beliefs that hold you back from uncovering your life vision, and why self-prioritization is your compass to leading a fulfilled life.

Most people who are single and looking do not have any visions of a future that’s exciting or fulfilling. Not many people allow themselves the opportunity to let their imagination soar, to explore what differences they’d like to make in their lives, in their families, or in the world. Most people are unexcited by their present circumstances yet have no idea where they want to go.

To experience a successful relationship, you need to be successfully single first. To be successfully single, you need to have a life that excites you. To have a life that excites you, you need to start with a vision of what that looks like.

This webinar helps get to the heart of what you really want for yourself and as a result, you’ll unleash passion for your life and begin to experience new possibilities. Discovering your life vision sets the stage for creative action and establishes a blueprint for creating compelling personal change.

Join me, won’t you?

DATE:    Tuesday, May 6, 2014
TIME:     7-8:00pm ET
* Register before April 22 @ 7pm for free access to this webinar.
* A small fee will apply to all registrations after April 22

By attending this webinar, you may qualify for a complimentary access to a no-cost, 30 minute strategy session with me, designed to help those who are seriously committed to loving their lives and attracting the love of their lives and who would like support to help them do so.

Remember, dating and relationships do not have to be a mystery! As you participate in these teleclasses, and work closely with me as your Relationship Coach, you will increase your ability of being successful in relationships. If you make a commitment to doing the necessary work, my Empowered Dating & Relationships programs will empower you to make good relationship choices that will help you find and KEEP the relationship of your dreams.

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