How ready are you for change?

Do you believe in your life vision enough to “go for it”, to take up that vision with both hands? All creative ventures, including the forging of our ideal life, begin a little at a time, where an idea may lead to another, snowballing and gaining momentum. But the creation of our vision has to start somewhere – we need to move beyond the sanctuary of our proverbial caves, the place where we may be safe and warm but yet stagnant. Our caves might be the debilitating self-doubts and behaviors that, while creating an illusion of safety because it is all we’ve known, keep us from living large.

attitude-quotes-21Eventually, though, we grow restless, with a feeling that we could have more than have now or be more than we are now. This life vision journey is often fraught with danger and we can’t always predict the outcome — but there are some of us who believe in our visions enough to try and to firmly embrace the fire of our imagination. Otherwise, we remain peaceful but forever stifled, safe but never fulfilling those potentials which are our birthright. To bring our vision concrete being, everything depends upon the courage to take the new idea up and to put faith in that invisible, co-creative power of the Universe.

Change is not easy. Most of us carrying around this yearning for change but never quite know what to do to achieve it. It helps if we are prepared for it, if we have the proper mindset for change. I have discovered, as a result of my coaching experience, that there are times when people are just not ready to embrace change. What about you? Not sure? Perhaps consciously you think you are – but maybe your actions tell you another story?

limiting belief confined by the walls you buildI am a big fan of clarity so here’s a quick way to tell if you are ready, right now, for change, by answering the questions on this assessment, based on psychological principles of being coachable. Focusing on the present, the quiz contains questions that allow you to look deeper into your personality, to find out if you’re ready to embark on your true life-adventure, which emerges once you step forth on the first stage of your journey.

Rate each item on a scale of 1-5, with 1 = More True for you and 5 = Not True for you at all. Please choose the one number that best represents your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. And most importantly, be as honest as you possibly can be.

  1. I am curious and eager to explore change and how to further myself.
  2. I have some specific goals for myself that I am currently motivated to reach.
  3. I find it very useful to collaborate with others and to have a partner to help me to reach my goals.
  4. People have told me that a strength I have is knowing when to get assistance from others, which can help me to perform better.
  5. I tend to take feedback in a non-defensive manner in which I truly consider what people tell me.
  6. I think that I have strengths and capabilities within which I have not yet truly tapped.
  7. I am open to considering new perspectives and ideas for various aspects of my life.
  8. Lifelong learning, education, and self-improvement are among my greatest values.
  9. I recognize that important areas in my life are out of balance and I want to work to correct this imbalance so I feel more grounded, fulfilled, and content.
  10. People have told me that I am solutions-oriented and someone who takes action, to achieve change.
  11. Some words that describe me well include: inquisitive, interested, open-minded and courageous.
  12. I think that I’d benefit from assistance with identifying and developing my core strengths.
  13. I recognize that I will not feel completely fulfilled if I do not explore ways of developing myself (personally or professionally) and I am willing to do what it takes to make this happen.
  14. I would like to become more focused, efficient, or clear in the process of goal attainment.
  15. There are important goals in my life that I have not yet reached but would like to begin the process of meeting them starting today.
  16. I believe that I could further myself by making some changes. I am not sure what my goals are or what changes I want to make in my life but I know that I want to find out.
  17. If someone were to ask me when I would like to begin making significant changes in my life or relationships, I would respond by saying “right now,” and not “later,” “soon,” or “in the next month.”
  18. I am willing to take the primary responsibility for doing the necessary action steps that will help me to move ahead.
  19. 19.  I do not have difficulty with meeting deadlines, generating results, or sticking with a timetable for goal accomplishment.
  20. If asked to write down the top 3 major changes I would like to make in my life over the next 3 months, I would have no problem answering.
  21. I am willing to give the change process the benefit of the doubt and explore and “try on” new concepts or different ways of doing things.
  22. I have a strong desire to make my life more focused, simple, clear, or satisfying.
  23. If someone were to provide me with constructive criticism, I would carefully consider what they had to say, ask others for feedback as well, and then take action.
  24. I am ready right now to dedicate the time, energy, and finances to make real changes in my life that can last for a long time.
  25. I am very interested in exploring and changing self-defeating beliefs and behaviors that obstruct my own success.
  26. Many times I think that it would be great to have an objective partner help me to navigate through specific life changes and find great success.
  27. Even if I have not taken the time for my own happiness and development in the past, I am ready to begin doing so now, no matter what.
  28. I could be described as: questioning, curious, and enthusiastic about the change process.
  29. Investing my time, energy, finances, and other resources in my future satisfaction and fulfillment sounds like a very sound investment to me.
  30. I am someone who is (or who is working on becoming) future-oriented, rather than living in or dwelling on the past.
  31. Throughout my life, I have often been curious about how I can develop myself and perform my best in several areas of my life.
  32. I can commit to doing the inner work necessary to uncover my blocks and move forward toward my dreams and aspirations, even if I have a lot of other things going on in my life.
  33. If, while working with a coach, my coach gave me specific homework assignments or action steps to do, I am confident that I would work hard to complete them between sessions.
  34. I am worried that I may never discover my true potential if I do not do some work on the self-discovery process.
  35. I am eager and willing to face my truth, even if it is very painful.

How’d you do? What’s your score? What insights did you get as a result of taking this assessment? What shifted in your thoughts? What was reinforced? Email me your results if you’d like a no-cost opportunity to deepen your insight into your answers and strategize  ways to boost your score, so you can venture forth on the journey of your dreams.

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