Being single isn’t fun? Snap out of it!

OK OK OK – my dander is a bit up. Lately I have been focusing my content on the value of friends and a support community as well as talking about how damaging loneliness can be. Not only to our physical and emotional health but also how it sets us up for dating traps a la the Desperation Trap. Today a friend forwarded me an article in the Huffington Post about the ways fears of being alone can sabotage your relationships. Booyah! I said to myself, congratulating myself for being on the wave of the zeitgeist. Yeah Buddy! I am in the flow! I am channeling universal wisdom! I am on the cutting edge of philosophical thought!

Then I read the first line: “Being single isn’t fun. In fact, it can be a very lonely time, and that time only becomes worse if being single or being alone is your biggest fear.”ARGHHHHH!!!! I want to give this author the old one-two, Moonstruck style. SNAP OUT OF IT, SISTER!!! You got it all wrong and ARGHHH for promoting your backwards viewpoint on such a visible platform.

Stop Thinking that the ONLY Way to Happiness is Being in a Relationship!!!! Yes, we all want intimacy and someone to share our innermost thoughts with. Yes, we want people in our lives with whom we have frequent interactions. Yes, we all want people to have fun with. There are plenty of ways to satisfy those needs — if you are just willing to take those steps. Being single isn’t fun for those who have no idea how to live a great life. For those who refuse to do the right things to create a network of good friends, who have no interests in life, refuse to acknowledge they live in a box of fear and sit on the couch watching TV night after night.

Don’t get me started!

(OK so maybe a romantic comedy isn’t the best film to feature – I see the irony there.)

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