Age is just a number

Maybe the youngsters are right.

As a dating and relationship coach is who is also single, I’m walking my talk – and using online dating services to meet people since I live in a non-bustling area along the Jersey coastline. Even though my search criteria states that I’m looking for a relationship with someone between a certain age range, I consistently get email queries from young men who are way, way below that range. Many of them like to use the line: Age is just a number. And maybe they’re right (to a certain extent – I’m also well aware of the cougar principle).

On top of that, I’m organizing a speed dating event with a colleague and we’ve grouped people into particular age ranges. I routinely get queries from people (men AND women) who are concerned about being confined to only meeting people in their age range, stating “I’m much younger than my physical age.”

I want to be...

I want to be…

There seems to be some validity there — and maybe this is an opportunity to revolutionize the whole matchmaking process! After all, we can get tested to determine our true physical age (i.e., going for a cardiology work up to be told you have the heart of a 30 year old – when you are in your mid-40s) … Lumosity offers a free “brain grade” test … and now there is a way to test your MENTAL age. (This age bias also says a lot about people’s fear and contempt of “old age” but that will be another topic for another day.)

So while I do not foresee me dating someone in their 20s, this puts a whole new slant on my screening process. Maybe it will shake yours up, too — so take the tests and let’s start a whole new way of looking for love!! (And feel free to share your results with me – I’d love to hear what your scores are.)

Meanwhile ~ let’s cut to a commercial:
If you’re single and looking, consider these following venues to meet people of like minds:
> A shout out to the site dedicated to Zen Culture and to which I’m a contributing expert:
> A shout out to the site dedicated to Healthy, Cruelty Free Culture, to which I will soon become a contributing expert:
> And a final shout out to the Empowered Mini-Dating & Mingling event dedicated to the Intelligent Culture (which I’m organizing): For the guys … and here for the girls.

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