Are you ready to live the best life you can, filled with joy and abundance and fulfilling relationships? Or do you want to continue beating your head against the wall, getting the same frustrating results, perpetuating your unhappiness while anxiously waiting for that magical day when all of your dreams come true?

It’s Time To Create a KickA-$$ Life and Attract Fulfilling Relationships
As your guide, I intend to help empower you, with a PROVEN Relationship Readiness Program, to create your ideal life so that you can attract extraordinary relationships, experience career success and enjoy financial serenity. As your coach, I will help you step into your own creativity, potential, and resourcefulness, so you can make manifest your dreams of a thriving relationship and a flourishing life. I will support you through your journey to transform habits and beliefs that consistently lead to unhappiness.

They laughed when I introduced my Empowered Dating & Relationships track…
My closest friends laughed with incredulity and disbelief when I first told them I was developing programs to help the single and looking crowd live a kick-a$$ life and date smarter (and thus become more satisfied).

They scoffed when I told them I told them I was going for a certification in relationship coaching. “How could that work?” they wondered – these being the same friends who had, a few years ago, secretly plotted to audition me for a dating reality show, believing that my approach to dating would make for some good stories and high ratings.

But as I contemplated the singles “scene”, I realized that this is a much bigger summons – it’s not about addressing superficial strategies, like how to approach a potential partner at a bar (for example), as it is about helping people on their journey to harmony, support and mutuality, reciprocity, compromise and partnership. I knew that the journey to relationship represents sensual, emotional and spiritual growth – through relationship, we seek our own completion.

It is the journey of returning to integration and “wholeness”.

“I’ll give you everything I’ve got for a little peace of mind”  John Lennon

Become Part of the Revolution
If you are intent on leading a flourishing, prosperous life while attracting thriving relationships, become part of my progressive League of astute and discerning men and women from all over the globe. Together we will raise the bar on relationships, knowing that serenity is our birth right; we no longer have to perpetuate the mistakes of generations past whose lack of awareness and skillfulness resulted in contrary and polarized interactions with each other.

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