A Paint-by-Numbers Life?

Living a prosperous life requires that you realize your life is unique and that you become responsible for your own singular journey.

Hiring a coach (meaning, me!) is probably one of the smartest things you can do if there’s something you want to achieve but are confused or befuddled or downright stuck in the mud. Through the coaching process, together we can unlock doors of resistance, open the windows into your soul’s desires, sweep out the emotional debris, take out the mental trash, reorganize the furniture of your behaviors and actions. Working with a coach can mean the difference between a “meh” life and a sparkling, flourishing, dynamic, prosperous life.

But the key to a prosperous life is taking ownership, and doing the work required to get where you want to go. It also requires action on your part – consistent action, too – as well as doing some deep thinking and awareness work, looking within and calling forth who you are, what you value.

Paint by numbersAnd because each one of us is unique, a paint-by-numbers approach, where you seek to follow a predetermined protocol or prescriptive, doesn’t work.

I see it fairly often – the human desire to follow a directive or a formula, and presto chango, have the change for which they’ve been longing manifest with ease. Put your quarters in the machine, press the right button, and that dream comes sliding down the chute and into your waiting hands.

Or they want to be given a clear map with the exact coordinates of the journey and a precise preview of what will be achieved. Declaring “I want a career that makes me happy!”…and then expecting someone to tell them exactly what that career is and how to get it. I suspect that when Christopher Columbus decided to sail the ocean blue in 1492, he may have had an idea of what he’d uncover but he didn’t know exactly what that new land looked like. If he already new what it looked like, it would not have been a discovery, right?

If Christopher Columbus already knew what the new world looked like when he set sail, it wouldn’t have been much of a discovery, right?

The universe is amazingly creative and responsive…if you declare your desire to have a happy relationship or career, and plant the seed, till the soil and gently and diligently nourish the dream, it will take root. (It’s a Natural law!)

Of course you leave a little room open for the dream to manifest in the way that it needs to manifest, but your dream becomes your life, unique to you, something that you created.

But if you want someone else to solve your challenges for you, to tell you what to do, then your life no longer is your life. Your journey is no longer your journey. You’ve given up your unique expression. You are no longer the Master Artist – the painting of your life becomes a knock-off Picasso.

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