Does the Thought of Speed Dating Fill You with Anxiety, Panic, Confusion?

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New Tips to Prepare You for Fun and Enjoyment Instead

speed dating coupleI’m creating a Speed Dating event (not your run of the mill Speed Dating event, mind you), with my friend, Cassie, of Cassie’s Calendar and the key organizer of the Single and Looking in NJ meet up group and I have been thinking about the feedback I’ve been getting from friends and clients about the viability of such events.

In my heart of hearts, I believe in the power of speed dating events. We are all active professionals, busy with our kick-a$$ careers and our families, sometimes with Continue reading

Ask the Coach: How can you help people if you’re single?


Dear Coach Linda: Not to be rude, or offensive, but why would women take advice from someone who isn’t in a relationship and, even further, is on a dating site seeking one? I’m terribly vexed about this. Again, I do NOT mean to be an ass, I just find this to be very contradictory. — “Without Care”

Thanks for asking, “Without Care”. I appreciate the opportunity to talk about what I do and why I do it; I also appreciate your curiosity — and your vexation. It speaks a lot about your need for authenticity. First, just to be clear, I’m not a dating advice expert. In fact, I’m not a big believer in dispensing advice at all. I am, however, an expert in coaching the process of change and my past failures and struggles (and I experienced a LOT of Continue reading

Ask the Coach: What’s the magic formula for true love?

Ask the Coach: What’s the magic formula for true love?

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Dear Coach Linda: I am so so soooo tired of being single. I went through a bitter divorce about 10 years ago and just cannot find someone I want to be with. Can you please tell me – what is the formula for making the magic happen?
Mary A.

Hi Mary: I hear your longing to share your life with an extraordinary partner and I applaud your ability to make your goal clear. Without clarity of intention, there is only aimlessness. But I’m also noticing your statement about how tired you are – Continue reading