Empowered Dating Step #2 – Know (and like) Thyself

Empowered Dating Step #2 – Know (and like) Thyself

Dating Skills Self Discovery

Or, how to make much, much better choices and decisions that increase your odds for success

I’ve mentioned this before: if you want to enjoy the dating process and not suffer through it, a foundational ground rule is to know your requirements.

Your requirements are what you want to experience in a relationship – not so much about the attributes your date “must have.” Developing a list of attributes or qualities that you must see in another person is fruitless and Continue reading

My Life Purpose and Dating

Dating Fulfillment Goals Prosperity Relationships Success

How the exploration of my mission will help your relationship experiences

In my last post, I talked about our life purposes and how powerful we are when we are living in alignment with them. Here I thought I would talk about my own life purpose and how it directly influences my approach to creating programming that supports and improves your dating experiences (and soon, your financial serenity). Continue reading

Empowered Dating Step #1: Date with Your Life Purpose in Mind

Dating Dreams Goals Relationships Success

What do you want in life? What is the greater purpose of your life? What is your life’s legacy?

In my “5 Essential Principles for Blissfully Successful Dating” webinar that I held last week, I talk about how important it is to identify your top non-negotiable Continue reading

5 Essential Principles For a Blissfully Successful Dating Life

Dating Fulfillment Relationships Success

Dating has to be the most misunderstood process in the human experience.

Are you nurturing that vision of a great relationship but often wind up frustrated, confused and resentful after a few forays into the dating scene? You are not alone.

As a life coach, I see many people, on their dating journeys, traveling to this vague, unclear destination called “A RELATIONSHIP”, unsure of where they are going and feeling Continue reading