Yea, though I Walk through the Valley of the Shadow of … Dreams

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((This post originally appeared on my former blog in January 2012. I thought it was worth re-posting since winter always represents, for me, work done in solitude and how difficult that can be.))

Last week I wrote about how “going within” both literally and figuratively to a place of solitude triggered deep residing fears. Indeed my whole physical body was responding – my heart was pounding in my chest like I was running for my life and I was constantly short of breath. No amount of deep breathing exercises was helping. Continue reading

Fear of Failure: Its Effects On Your Goals

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If you’ve read the past two posts, you know that I’ve been ruminating on New Year’s goals ~ and why most of us never seem to achieve those goals. The first step, which we all seem to overlook and which I feel is bigger than any “actionable strategy” that we cook up, is to spend some time addressing our emotional core surrounding our goal(s). In my first post, we looked squarely and clearly at the issue we’re trying to change and took complete ownership of the situation we’ve created (translated another way: Not Blaming Anything or Anyone, including ourselves). Then we unearthed our underlying or subconscious beliefs surrounding our goals ~ viewpoints we weren’t even aware we had (i.e., I’ll always have to work hard; I’ll never meet the right guy; I’ll always be struggling with money.) Then we examined ourselves to see if we had any unrecognized emotional benefits as a result of not making a change, or if we might even be addicted to our struggle. Continue reading

How Underlying Beliefs & Emotional Attachment Submarine Your Resolutions

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I’m continuing my contemplations on goal setting, New Year’s resolutions and why so few of us are able to walk the long mile to success. Last week I reflected upon the ownership of our crap. I’d like to invite us now to uncover our underlying beliefs and patterns… and to unearth any emotional benefits we may get from staying stuck. Continue reading

Creating Resolutions You Can Actually Achieve

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Welcome to a new year, a new beginning,New Year resolutions a time when most of us decide that this year, we’re going to do things differently, that we’re going to achieve some long-held goal that we’ve never been able to achieve prior to this. But this year, it’s going to be different. We’re going to be different.

This collective enthusiasm for change is contagious – and can fuel us – so let’s first congratulate ourselves for Continue reading

Estate Planning is a Woman’s Issue

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As I explore prosperity for women, I’ve come to understand the power of sharing practical information. I have discovered that most women not only need to relate to prosperity on an emotional level, but very few possess much education on a practical level, to be able to make wise and informed decisions about finances and their careers. So I’m going to start helping in that regard by posting tidbits that I uncover, or by having several financial and career experts come on in to guest blog.

Women need to know that no matter what their financial status is, they are creating an estate as they move through their lives. It’s crucial for us to understand how to manage it, because more often than not, we outlive our male partners (if we are in a traditional relationship).

So to start us off, I thought I would share Continue reading