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Many people believe there’s something wrong with them if they’re not in a relationship – to be happy, they must have a romantic partner. Nothing is further from the truth! We all want the same things: to feel confident we can create an amazing life, to enjoy it on a daily basis, and to experience love. These are completely realistic expectations. However, too often singles desperately focus on finding a romantic partner without understanding the secret sauce to relationship success:  having a fulfilling life independent of a relationship. Are you ready to stop settling for less? Are you ready to avoid the pain and heartbreak caused by repeating past patterns? Schedule your free consultation with me today so you can: 

  • Develop a clear vision for your future, rocket launch your life & achieve your dreams.

  • Surround yourself with people who adore you.

  • Boost your confidence and attract a joyful, committed relationship if you want one.

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Testimonials for Aurora Sana

Linda, you are amazing. I peeled off layers with you in 12 weeks that I did not do in 18 years of therapy. I am so grateful for your help and insight. You really know how to make someone really see inside. Among other things, I learned that I am worthy in receiving all that I deserve and to not constantly question myself, my actions and what I truly want to bring into my life. Through the coaching series, I surprised myself by realizing how many old patterns I repeat. You have a way of opening doors by allowing the person to see that they are there without command and judgment. You truly want to help people to reach for a healthy and happy life. I owe you a cake!

Catarina S.

I just took the Blueprint for Dating Success Webinar, and let me tell you – it is not only transforming in terms of dating, but in your attitude and success in life in general. I expected the same old “love yourself first, then someone else will too” advice with no concrete ideas, but instead there were concepts, tools and exercises to lead participants not only on the path to dating well, but to being a happier, more positive person. Can’t recommend it enough- this should be on Oprah!

Linda K.

Linda is highly intuitive, allowing her to work with individuals to delve past the obvious, most rational answers to get to the more emotional, and many times the real root for past behavior. She is incredibly warm, creating a safe environmentto explore the reasons or situations that may be keeping you from your goal. I have also seen her able to bring consensus in groups with verydifferent (and at times volatile) personalities. She is able to help groups identify a wayforward that meets individualand collective needs. I have personally known her to counsel several women (including myself), through complicated personal and career decisions, as well as through trying health periods. Her style is very helpful in asking the right questions so that you actively discover the right answer. I would highly recommend Linda to anyone seeking guidance to reach their goals.

Danielle A.